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Biohacks to speed recovery – Non-Phoenix Waveform – Banas Sports Therapy

How to speed and enhance recovery.

(Note from Tim: If “EPO” sounds familiar, it’s because it’s commonly injected by Tour de France competitors. More on that here.)

In other words, hyperthermic conditioning through sauna use doesn’t just make you better at dealing with heat; it makes you better, period. I do want to mention that while these gains were made with a small sample size (N=6) some of the later studies that I point out reinforce this conclusion.

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Magnesium Oil

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Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

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TianChi Chinese Adaptogenic Herb Complex


If you need to dig yourself out of an overtraining hole, gain lung capacity, get extra vigor and brain focus for a training session or race, or desire extra calming nourishment to help you navigate the storm of stress, work and life, then TianChi Chinese Adaptogenic Herb Complex is your ultimate solution.

TianChi is a potent blend of a unique category of herbs called adaptogens, herbs that facilitate your body’s “adaptation” to stress. They help your body maintain, build or fix it’s own natural healthy processes, even if you’re exposed to a wide range of external and internal stressors.

Aside from a small handful of elite athletes and coaches, trained monks and scholars of the Orient, most people don’t realize that regulating your nervous system and stopping the constant outflow of energy due to various adrenal stressors is the first step to creating true and lasting energy. It is through targeting the natural regulating mechanism of the body that real energy can be harvested and used to power and rejuvenate your entire body system.

This is because low energy is your body’s response to stress – and to fix the low energy, a whole body treatment is required – not just a cup of coffee or extra helping of salad. TianChi is a whole food Chinese herb supplement that helps restore your whole energy system — mental, emotional, physical, sexual and intellectual. As a result, this potent powder is enormously beneficial as a nutrient “shotgun” to your cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, reproductive and nervous systems.

What you’ll receive when you get your TianChi in the mail is a box filled with packets that contain a delicious herbal tonic blend of the most renowned longevity herbs in the Orient. These superior herbs are consumed throughout Asia to promote a healthy lifestyle have been used for centuries for anti-aging and to prevent fatigue.

Every herb used in TianChi is far more pure and potent than typical old, ineffective and often dangerous or nasty-ingredient laced herbs on the market. Very few products contain 100% whole herb extracts. On average the herbal extracts are at least 10:1 yields, meaning it takes 10 pounds of raw herb to produce 1 pound of pure extract. Most manufacturers start with pure yield and cut them to concentrations of 4:1 or 5:1 by adding filler. This produces a cheaper, but less effective extract. Imagine buying a 5:1 extract that originally was 45:1!

In stark contrast, the herbal extracts used in TianChi yield 12:1 or greater, and there is even one herb in TianChi that is a 45:1 yield. In other words, you would have to take 9x as much herb from any other source to equal the potency in TianChi! And you would be getting mostly filler, harmful ingredients, and very few results.

All of the herbs in TianChi are Non-GMO, Kosher Certified and non-irradiated. They are extracted in purified water and test free of heavy metals. And the creator uses only wild crafted herbs – herbs found in their natural state, free from pesticides and exposure to pollution.

You will feel this stuff instantly, guaranteed – and we’re honored to be able to share the experience of TianChi with you. For best results, simply open up a packet of the dark, rich, red powder, and pour into a refreshing glass of ice water. Drink your TianChi all by itself, with no extra fancy juices or added ingredients. Then sit back and enjoy the feeling of TianChi.

 Sauna To Speed Recovery

The Effects of Heat Acclimation on Endurance (From Tim Ferris)

If you’ve ever run long distances or exercised for endurance, it’s intuitive that increased body temperature will ultimately induce strain, attenuate your endurance performance, and accelerating exhaustion. What might not be as intuitive is this: acclimating yourself to heat independent of aerobic physical activity through sauna use induces adaptations that reduce the later strain of your primary aerobic activity.

Hyperthermic conditioning improves your performance during endurance training activities by causing adaptations, such as improved cardiovascular and thermoregulatory mechanisms (I will explain what these mean) that reduce the negative effects associated with elevations in core body temperature. This helps optimize your body for subsequent exposures to heat (from metabolic activities) during your next big race or even your next workout.

Just a few of the physiological adaptations that occur are:

  • Improved cardiovascular mechanisms and lower heart rate. 1
  • Lower core body temperature during workload (surprise!)
  • Higher sweat rate and sweat sensitivity as a function of increased thermoregulatory control. 2
  • Increased blood flow to skeletal muscle (known as muscle perfusion) and other tissues.2
  • Reduced rate of glycogen depletion due to improved muscle perfusion. 3
  • Increased red blood cell count (likely via erythropoietin). 4
  • Increased efficiency of oxygen transport to muscles.4

Hyperthermic conditioning optimizes blood flow to the heart, skeletal muscles, skin, and other tissues because it increases plasma volume. This leads to endurance enhancements in your next workout or race, when your core body temperature is once again elevated.

Being heat acclimated enhances endurance by the following mechanisms…

  1. It increases plasma volume and blood flow to the heart (stroke volume).2, 5 This results in reduced cardiovascular strain and lowers the heart rate for the same given workload.2 These cardiovascular improvements have been shown to enhance endurance in both highly trained and untrained athletes.2,5, 6
  2. It increases blood flow to the skeletal muscles, keeping them fueled with glucose, esterified fatty acids, and oxygen while removing by-products of the metabolic process such as lactic acid. The increased delivery of nutrients to muscles reduces their dependence on glycogen stores. Endurance athletes often hit a “wall” (or “bonk”) when they have depleted their muscle glycogen stores. Hyperthermic conditioning has been shown to reduce muscle glycogen use by 40%-50% compared to before heat acclimation.3, 7 This is presumably due to the increased blood flow to the muscles.3 In addition, lactate accumulation in blood and muscle during exercise is reduced after heat acclimation.5
  3. It improves thermoregulatory control, which operates by activating the sympathetic nervous system and increasing the blood flow to the skin and, thus the sweat rate. This dissipates some of the core body heat. After acclimation, sweating occurs at a lower core temperature and the sweat rate is maintained for a longer period.2

So what sort of gains can you anticipate?

One study demonstrated that a 30-minute sauna session two times a week for three weeks POST-workout increased the time that it took for study participants to run until exhaustion by 32% compared to baseline.4

The 32% increase in running endurance found in this particular study was accompanied by a 7.1% increase in plasma volume and 3.5% increase in red blood cell (RBC) count.4This increased red blood cell count accompanying these performance gains feed right back into those more general mechanisms we talked about earlier, the most obvious of which being: more red blood cells increase oxygen delivery to muscles. It is thought that heat acclimation boosts the RBC count through erythropoietin (EPO) because the body is trying to compensate for the corresponding rise in plasma volume.4


Exercise with oxygen therapy or “EWOT” is a revolutionary treatment method that supports everything from a healthy aging process to serious athletic endeavors. It also promotes wellness for people who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart troubles, fatigue, and inflammation. The breakthrough of Super EWOT is that it helps raise the arterial pressure to youthful levels; simply by breathing high levels of oxygen while exercising. Exercise increases your circulation, creating a greater pressure to drive oxygen into the capillaries.

The increase in pressure facilitates the repair of the “transfer mechanism.” It’s effective because it improves the delivery of Oxygen (the most essential substance) in tissue life and repair. EWOT is the best way to increase your oxygen uptake. Developed by one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, Dr. Manfred Von Ardenne, in East Germany in the 1960’s, it has been used in prestigious European clinics for over 50 years. EWOT is safe, effective, and easy to do.

How It Works.

Ordinarily, oxygen is transported by the hemoglobin attached to the red blood cells. By exercising while breathing medical grade oxygen enriched air, the plasma is hyper-oxygenated and can carry up to 5 times the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells depending on the intensity of the exercise. Because the plasma has the capacity to flow into areas of the body that the red blood cells cannot, it brings oxygen to hypoxic or oxygen deprived areas of the body creating a wonderful healing and rejuvenating mechanism. Even if you’re not in the best of shape, we can work with you to get better and get maximum benefits.