Hunting / Phoenix Wave / Recovery / Trigger Points

Better Results While Hunting With The Phoenix AC/DC Waveform

How to HUNT with the Phoenix AC/DC Wave
Use the Trigger Point Chart on the “HUNTING” Page as an guideline.
Look for a picture that looks similar to the symptoms your patient is experiencing.
Use the Hunt setting on your Phoenix Waveform (this is at 500PPS)
Hunt for the trigger points where you see the X that is associated with the referral pattern.
Place the pads over the active trigger points that you have found, set Phoenix waveform at 500HZ.
Have the patient move the muscle through it’s full range of motion 5-7 times, if the intensity of the stimulation reduces increase the intensity, Do this for 8 min then unplug the leads and change the polarity and repeat,
Therastim waveform Phoenix AD/DC waveform
Individual results may vary. 
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