Phoenix Wave / Recovery

Speed and Enhance Recovery: Quick Protocol

Here is a quick and easy protocol to enhance recovery after a hard training session.



1) Do the mobility protocols
This does not have to be a strong contraction, just get a slight contraction then do the movements.

2) Use the E.C.O Program.

Put the pads on the belly of the muscles you just trained. Again, this does not need to a strong contraction.

E.C.O. PROGRAM (Endorphin, Circulation, Oxygenation)
Cycling from 12-8 Hz in 30 sec and back for the first 6 minutes; then cycling from 8-4 Hz in 30 sec and back for the next 6 minutes. Square Wave.

Between 8 and 12 Hz we achieve a big increase in the local circulation, with all that goes along with it: increase in trophism (nourishment of the tissues) decrease in the number of metabolites, oxygenation of tissues, and a certain massage effect, adjusting the parameters so as a nice sensation is experienced.

Between 4 and 8 Hz we obtain a notable elevation in the secretion of endorphins. At the same time, we raise the intensity until we clearly notice the contraction and, upon correctly placing the electrodes, we obtain a massage affect on the muscle group on which we’re working, which elevates the pain threshold. At the same time, we notice positive affects which generally are the result of a local massage, such as intense sensation of relaxation on the zone, improvement of local circulation, decrease in metabolic toxins and improvement in oxygenation.

This program is pre-set, so just let it run it’s course.

You can use splinters to increase the number of pads you can use. Those can be bought on the website.

3) Use the Sleep Program for 20-60min. Again, place the pads on the belly of the muscles.

4) 30 min in a hot sauna

5) Take 3-5 Master Amino Pattern

6) Rub Magnesium Oil into your muscles