Training Videos

A quick overview on how we use the Phoenix at our office to treat pain and injuries.

Quick Start Up, controls and getting to the Phoenix Waveform.

Quick Start for the Professional Version

  1. The first 3 time the battery is charged, be sure not to interrupt the process until complete, which takes about 12 hours. If the unit is plugged in for longer periods the battery will not be damaged. However, much longer than a complete charge will warm the battery and wear it out faster.
  2. There are TWO sets of programs with in the Phoenix Edition. Phoenix program and the Globus Premium Sport / Fitness programs. ONLY USE GLOBUS MyoTrode Electrodes with your Phoenix.
  3. The Phoenix Program is the one that contains the unique combination of AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current). The typical Globus, does not contain this AC/DC waveform.
  4. The Phoenix Edition also contains the Globus Premium Sport & Fitness Training Program. For information on the “traditional” Globus Premium programs please refer to the Globus Premium Sport User Manual.
  5. If you feel an irritation under a electrode do the following:
  6. First, ONLY USE Globus electrodes. Clean the skin where you are going to place the electrode pad. Apply electrode gel on the electrodes, before attaching them onto your body.
  7. This Phoenix was design to be compact, mobile and for personal use. This Phoenix wave is very powerful. The higher the intensity the more power it will draw from the battery. Therefore using the AC/DC waveform on multiple clients will drain the battery faster and therefore need recharging.If you are planning on using this on multiple clients,  we suggest you have more that one unit. 
  8. If you feel a irritation, reverse the lead wires. That means, turn the intensity down then unplug the positive lead wire from the electrode and plug it into the pad where the Negative lead wire was plugged into, then plug the other lead wire into the other pad.

Phoenix Intro.

“Hunting Technique” was something I was introduced to from the Therastim Manual from PhysioDynamics. The Therastim Manual states “Normally, the techniques in this manual will handle the majority of the situations encountered; however, on some occasions, “hunting” the pain will be required.”

“This involves moving the pads around on the body until the patient can report a stimulation effect exactly in the injured portion of the body.”  

In this video, Dr. Jeff shows how to do a similar technique with the Phoenix.

Strength Training With the Phoenix Waveform
Like the Therastim, the Phoenix Waveform and electric stimulation device unlike the majority of EMS modalities on the market today. 
By using a unique combination of AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) the Phoenix is able to create a dynamic and adaptive environment within the body. When the Phoenix waveform when coupled with our guidance and proprietary protocols help people of all ages and abilities RISE UP, achieve amazing results and become the person or athlete they have always wanted to be.

The Phoenix Waveform and electric stimulation device unlike the majority of EMS modalities on the market today.

Biohacks to speed and enhance recovery.

How To Get Better Results While Hunting With The Phoenix AC/DC Waveform

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