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How and why the AC/DC Phoenix Wave came about.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Phoenix and the Phoenix Protocols?

The Phoenix waveform was engineered from the TherasStim, which was the original ARPwave. 

See the ABOUT to learn our history with the Therastim and ARPwave.

Therastim Protocols

The Phoenix protocols have been developed over the past 15 years or with our experience with the Therastim and the original Therastim Training Manual. It has been our clinical experience that everything we did with the Therastim can be done with the Phoenix. In fact, all most all of our patients actually preferred the Phoenix over the Therastim. In fact, we were so happy with the results of the Phoenix, we sold our Therastim. 

We also provide one-on-one support the aid you in the use of the Phoenix.

Our protocols were developed by Physicians who have years of clinical experience diagnosing and treating a wide variety of sports injuries and neuromuscular conditions.

Like other systems our methods are much more than just a unique waveform, it’s a system of protocols and applications on how to get the most out of this unique waveform.

To learn more about the Therastim, click on the links below.

TheraStim Brochure-new

TheraStimSpec PDF

Go to the Training Page to learn more about some of the Phoenix Protocols.

Is the Phoenix the exact same thing as the Therastim and ARP Wave?

NoJust like ARP Wave, the Globus Phoenix is more than just a muscle stimulation device, it is a modality and a protocol system. ARP Wave has their stimulation device and they have their treatment and training specific protocols on how to use the modality. We do a similar. We have our unique and powerful stimulation device, the Phoenix, then we have our protocols on to use the Phoenix to meet your specific needs.

As far as the actual stimulation modality (the unit itself), the Phoenix has a DC wave in it.  From an amp (amperes) point of view and from a waveform shape point of view, it is more powerful than similar modalities. 

The AC/DC Phoenix programs were developed based on the Therastim device.

Check out the Comparison Page to see the specifications of the Phoenix to see how the Phoenix compares to other common stimulation devices.

Why Neural Fit uses the Phoenix AC/DC Square Wave?

Dr. Yakov Kotz became famous for using electro stimulation in the training programme of Russian athletes and his resulting studies were made public at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.
(NOTE: The Phoenix Professional and Elite has the KOTZ Current in them in addition to the Phoenix AC/DC Waveform) 
The electrical current used for stimulating athletes was called Russian Current, or Kots current, and was soon also used by the athletes of other countries thus becoming a widespread sports training method.
Dr. Kotz  used a sinusoidal wave. However, over many years new scientific discoveries regarding the contraction, or twitching, mechanism in muscle mass as well as new technology which can generate impulses of different forms (square, triangular, trapezoidal) led to the gradual abandonment of the sinusoidal current for the electric stimulation of muscles for sports purposes in favor of the more preformatted current with  square biphasic waves.
To stimulate a muscle, it is necessary to apply a current capable of causing depolarization of cell membrane and its consequent contraction, by way of electrodes.
Research has demonstrated that stimulation is more effective and comfortable when current pulses are square and symmetric.
A square-shaped wave is better because:
– it releases the action potential of the muscle in a shorter period of time (vertical rump-up)
– it optimizes pulse effectiveness thanks to the larger area (more intensity in less time) of the square wave as opposed to other wave shapes.
In addition, the current must also be compensated (symmetric pulse shape) to avoid the polarization effects (ionophoretic) of electrical or chemical nature. Indeed, this current type takes on symmetrically-opposed positive and negative values whose result equals to zero, thus avoiding skin burn or rash. 
A sinusoidal wave is very crude, therefore to obtain some result it needs to be crank it up to a point where you feel a lot of pins and needles. Our waveform is cleaner and more efficient by virtue of the fact that it is generated with square wave fronts. Also it is more comfortable, so you can already obtain significant results without keeping it at a comfortable level.
When we compared the Phoenix Wave and the Therastim on our patients, 100% of them preferred the Phoenix Wave over the Therastim and ARPwave, which is why I (Dr. Jeff Banas) sold my Therastim and now use the Phoenix Wave.
The Phoenix waveform is more powerful than the Therastim and ARP, both from an amp (Ampères) point of view, and from a waveform shape point of view.
Questions about conditions, training or how we use the Phoenix?


Is the Globus Phoenix Edition the same thing as the Globus Sport?


The Globus Phoenix Edition contains all the strength development and endurance programs that the Premium Sport+, PLUS the Phoenix Program which is the unique AC/DC wave that is very similar to the waves in the ARP Wave and Therastim.

The normal  Globus Premium Sport+ does not contain the AC/DC waveform, it also does not contain the mobility, muscle spasticity, strength, recovery, injury and hunt and release protocols.


How is such a power and unique current put into such a small device?

The Therastim was my go to modality of choice for about 15 years. Did you catch that…..15 years? What did your phone look like 15 years ago and how does your phone look today? 

They say that today’s cell phones have more computing power than NASA used to go to the moon in the 1960s.

Bottom line, technology.

What are the differences in the power supply between the Personal, Professional and the Elite?

This Phoenix Personal Sports and Recover was design to be compact, mobile and for personal use. This Phoenix wave is very powerful. The higher the intensity the more power it will draw from the battery. Therefore using it on multiple clients will drain the battery faster and therefore need recharging.

The Personal Version only runs on the battery. This is good for personal use when using the AC/DC current for around an hour before it needs to be recharged.

The Professional (4×6.5 inches in size) runs on battery and continuous while plugged into a power source.
The Elite is about twice the size of the Professional (7×9 inches) and has a stronger power source so it can run at higher intensities longer with the battery, but it also can run while plugged into the wall.

If you are planning on using this on multiple clients,  we suggest you have more that one unit or get the professional Edition or the Elite Edition. 

The Professional and Elite Edition also have Medical Currents and Programs in them:

The Genesy 3000 stands out in particular for providing all major medical-type currents:
EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation)
TENS (Trans Cutaneous Nerve Stimulation) 
MENS (Micro Current Stimulation)
Kotz with sinusoidal wave
Interferential currents
Triangular and trapezoidal wave currents for denervated muscles
Direct current for Ionophoresis

Is the Phoenix powered by battery or plug in power source?

The Phoenix is powered by a battery source and will not run when it is plugged into the power source. This to make the unit more mobile.  We often have our clients wear a radio pouch where they can put the Phoenix and then they are free to do their mobility or strength training.

The Phoenix Professional can run on a battery and continuous while plugged into a power source.

What is the difference between the Personal Sport and Recovery Edition and the Professional Edition?

There are a few differences:

The Professional addition contains Medical Currents, Premodulated Interferential, Russian current, Microcurrents, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), TENS in addition to the AC/DC Phoenix Wave currents

The Professional Edition contains a little longer waveform and a slightly higher Pulses Per Second (PPS). 

The Professional Edition is designed to be used in more of a clinical setting and continuous while plugged into a power source. The Personal Sport and Recovery Edition runs only on a battery.



Do you get ARP Wave, Marc Pro, Compex or other EMS  protocols with the Phoenix?


Why is there not more information about the Globus Phoenix on the web and why aren’t more people selling the Globus Phoenix?

It’s new, it’s cutting edge.

Not the AC/DC waveform, but EMS unit the AC/DC waveform that is in.

We have been working this AC/DC waveform, the ARP Wave and Therastim in our office for years.  The problem was, you needed an ARP Wave or the Therastim. 

Why is the cost of the Phoenix more than the cost of something like a TENS Unit, Marc Pro or Compex?

Globus Phoenix is more than just a muscle stimulation device, it is a modality and a protocol system. We have our unique and powerful stimulation device, the Phoenix, then we have our protocols on to use the Phoenix to meet your specific needs.

It’s also how the wave is built. The Phoenix is a square wave with carrier at 10 kHz, and zero net charge but tweaked to have a DC component; it is coupled with a low-frequency waveform at 500 Hz and 500 µs of pulse width positive and 500 µs negative. Electron flow is reversible. Output is constant current going up to 120 mA on channels 1 and 3.

 The Phoenix causes deep muscle contraction but still allows full active range of motion. Eccentric training, strong muscle contractions by the Phoenix then lengthening the muscles through specific mobility protocols are integral the Phoenix recovery and training protocols.
 From an amp (amperes) point of view and from a waveform shape point of view, this waveform is one of the most powerful EMS units out there.

How did you start working with muscle spasticity as in conditions like Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis?

This started with Jason Rodie, a paralympic athlete who has cerebral palsy. My son saw Jason working out at the gym and tell him struggling with his mobility. Jason expressed his frustration with the lack of therapy options to help him with his mobility.  Jason came into our office and within 15 min Jason touched his toes for the first time.

At that time you would have to go to a clinic that had the AC/DC Waveform, however now that we have this waveform in an affordable mobile unit, we created protocols specific for muscle spasticity that you can now do on your own.

Here is a video of his first toe touch:


Why can’t I use something like the Marc Pro or Compex?

The Marc Pro and Compex are AC currents only. It is the DC waveform that delivers higher levels of direct current and resonates with the human system. The DC waveform delivers power with minimal resistance from the body, allowing faster results over other AC modalities.

Is the their personal support if I need it?


You have 1 month of unlimited support with Dr. Banas to help you get the most out or your Globus Phoenix.


Please read My experience with ARP WAVE, Therastim and the development of the Globus Phoenix Edition and protocols.

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