PHOENIX is the primary waveform for mobility, strength, training recovery, injury rehabilitation and pain relief.

Indications for use: Hunting and releasing active trigger points, Rapid Mobility Protocol, Sports injuries, mobility work, strength training, pain, healing.

Program: PHOENIX

Square wave with carrier at 10 kHz, and zero net charge but tweaked to have a DC component; it is coupled with a low-frequency waveform at 500 Hz and 500 µs of pulse width positive and 500 µs negative. Electron flow is reversible. Output is constant current going up to 120 mA on channels 1 and 3.

The Phoenix causes deep muscle contraction but still allows full active range of motion. Eccentric training, strong muscle contractions by the Phoenix then lengthening the muscles through specific mobility protocols are integral the Phoenix therapy and training protocols.

These setting are similar to that of the Therastim settings below, 500 PPS 20/20 or constant. This is the setting we use to do mobility work, strength training and to treat sports injuries.


Therastim Muscle Stimulation




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