Indications for use: When you want neurological stimulation without muscle contraction

Program: SLEEP

Square wave with carrier at 10 kHz, and zero net charge but tweaked to have a DC component; it is coupled with a low frequency waveform at 1 Hz and 500 µs of pulsewidth positive and 500 µs negative.

The sleep program setting is similar to the Therastim settings pictured below, Main Pulse Frequency 500 PPS, Duty Cycle 0/20 OFF.
We made frequency 1 HZ for a few reasons. First, so the client would know the waveform is on and working. If we put the HZ at 0 (zero) the client would not feel anything because only the background currents are running.
 1HZ also has a relaxing and clamming affect. Similar to an external heartbeat like when you were in your mother’s womb listening to her heartbeat.  
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