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An Affordable AC/DC Waveform for Neuromuscular Training, Recovery & Enhanced Performance.

2 months of unlimited coaching and training is included with the Phoenix, so you can get the most out of the Phoenix programs.

Phoenix Waveform Personal Sport & Recovery Edition

Personal Sport & Recovery Edition, Professional Edition, and Elite Edition.


Therastim Wave


 Phoenix Waveform Elite Edition

 Therastim Wave



*FDA certified, can be sold only to authorized practitioners or with a medical prescription.

Health Care Providers:

Please email us a copy of your license.


Fax: 480-393-0928

Patients and Athletes:

Please send a prescription from your health care provider on their letterhead, along with your provider’s license number and a copy of your (the patient) driver’s license. Or, contact our office for more information.


 Phoenix Waveform Professional Edition

Therastim Arpwave


*FDA certified, can be sold only to authorized practitioners or with a medical prescription.

Health care providers:

Please send us a current copy of your current license.

Patients and Athletes:

Please send a prescription from your health care provider on their letterhead, along with your provider’s license number and a copy of your (the patient) driver’s license.

Includes 2 months of unlimited support.


Phoenix Waveform Personal Sport & Recovery Edition

Affordable Alternative to ARP Wave Therastim


Includes 2 months of unlimited support.

Fax: 480-393-0928



Personal Coaching 

It’s like having a personal strength coach, mobility coach and physiotherapist in the palm of your hand.

 Anytime you have a tech or training question just call, Skype, email or text us and we will help you out.

$250.00 per month

Paypay to



To purchase a Phoenix Wave with a Health Saving Account, FELX Account or any other method other than PayPal please call our office at 480-633-6837 

Includes all the Phoenix mobility, muscle spasticity, endurance, strength and recovery protocols.

Includes  all the strength development and endurance programs in the Globus Premium Sport+, plus the unique AC/DC Waveform called the Phoenix.

Also includes 1 month of unlimited support with Dr. Banas and his therapist, through Skype, text or email.

Once you purchase your Phoenix, call or email Dr. Banas and we will set up a time for your Skype motion evaluation.



Rental Program:

$500 deposit then $400 for a month rental for Professional Edition.

$1000 deposit then $450 a month for Elite Edition

This can be applied to the purchase of the Phoenix.

Contact us at 480-633-6837


Additional Phoenix Training

2 days of personal training at our office in Gilbert, AZ


2 months of web-based and Skype training.




ONLY USE GLOBUS  MyoTrode Electrodes with your Phoenix.

Order HERE.

 GLOBUS 4 square electrodes myotrode 

50X90mm are the large 2 by 4 inch electrodes

50X50 are the small 2 inch by 2 inch electrodes

Universal compatible with all electrostimulation devices with Globus Compex Iacer Tesmed spindle connector etc.

  • 1 set of 4 Self-adhesive and reusable flexible electrodes.
  • The conductivity and duration of the electrodes are enhanced by the use of Globus Gel.
  • Globus Quality Warranty


Parker Laboratories Spectra 360 Electrode Gel


How Conductivity Gel Works

Conductivity gel works by filling in pores with a conductive emulsion that has the same pH as the skin. This re-establishes conductivity for pads that have lost their original conductive, adhesive-gel layer, and enhances the contact area for the pads to transmit the electrical signal through the skin to the muscles below. It also protects pads so that the adhesive is not affected as much by oils and dirt on the skin. Use conductivity gel for each EMS session. Put 1/4 tsp blobs on each small pad, and two tsp blobs on each large pad. Spread with your fingertips. If doing two muscle groups (i.e. hams and glutes) in a session for the hams, then move the pads to the glutes without adding more. One could add a bit to the skin on the glutes for additional comfort and pad life.

Order on AMAZON


Carbon Pads for Pin Leads

We use the 3 inch Carbon pads


Order Here.

Made of carbon/silicone rubber, these pads are of top quality, excellent for introducing current for treatment of neuro-muscular conditions and have been in use for many years and have proven to be highly satisfactory. Skin resistance is reduced at point of entry. Pads are thin and flexible and long-lasting.

Comes in 4 sizes:

  • 1 3/4″ Silicone round (Red or Black)
  • 3 3/4″ Silicone round (Red or Black)
  • 3″ Carbon round (Red or Black)
  • 4″ Carbon round (Red or Black)
  • _____________________________________________________



Electrode Pad Nylatex Wraps

Ideal for securing electrodes, hot and cold packs and other items to treatment area.


Sponges Only

We use the 4 inch round sponges



2 Pin Lead Wire Splitters – Bifurcating Wires = 4 Cables = 8 total pins

Turn one lead into two. You now can have eight (8) pads.


Therastim Muscle Stimulation Arp Wave

Order on Amazon


Premium Conductive Socks


Order on Amazon

What is a Garmetrode Electrode?

This is an excellent tool to effectively treat any body part with the added features of compression and support. Conductive fabric electrodes ae securely affixed to the garment, which fits easily and adjusts for comfort and support


Conductive Gloves


 Order on Amazon

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