Strength Training

Exercise Protocols based on targeting specific muscle groups.
STRONG POINT: We are contraction the muscle with the Phoenix then we lengthen the muscle (an Eccentric Contraction)
Preform all movements slowly, then gradually increase the intensity of the muscle stimulation from the Phoenix Wave.  Repeat the movements for 5 to 15 min. 
You can also place the electrode pad just on the muscle belly you want to work and then take that muscle through it’s range on motion while increasing the stimulation intensity.
A good time to do these strength exercises are after you have done other “normal” strength training or after your muscle are fatigued from another type of strength training or exercise session. Think of it as getting a few more reps, thereby allowing you to train harder. 
As a guide or reference on which exercises to do, go to your specific sport, look at the key muscles used in your sport, then preform the exercise movements below which are associated with your sports specific muscle group.
Adductors and Erector Spinae
Black Pad on lower back just above iliac crest
Red Pad on upper adductors
Hold weight at chest level
Slowly squat  down with knee shoulder with apart 
Slowly stand up rotate the trunk 90 degrees to right, the 90 degrees left.
Take a big side step to the right, hold weight at chest level
Slowly squat down in wide stance 
Bring legs back to shoulder with apart
Squat down and up
Take a big side step to the left

Glutes and Quads
Black Pad on Gluts.
Red Pad on Quads
Slow squats while holding weight straight in front of chest.
Preform a “Functional Pattern” Lunge Right
Preform a “Functional Pattern” Lunge Left  

Hamstrings And Gastrocnemius
Black Pad on hamstring
Red pad on Gastrocnemius
Lay supine on the ground, feet on a swiss ball in the hamstring ball curl “finish position with toes flexed towards you.
Slowly extend the hamstrings, keeping the gluts off the ground and plantar flexing the toes
Hold this position 20-30 sec
Slowly flex the hamstring by pulling the swiss ball back towards your gluts, while dorsiflexing the feet  


Psoas (Hip Flexors) and Abdomial Muscles
Black Pads on Abdomial
Red Pads over Psoas
Raise knee so that the thigh is parallel to the ground
Curl your truck as if you are trying to touch you knee to your chest. ***Make sure you are curling the trunk and not flexing the trunk.
No stand tall, extend the lumbar spine slightly, while extending the knee behind you.
Repeat 5 time then move to the other leg
Biceps and Forearm
Black Pad on Biceps
Red Pad on Forearm
It is a good idea to be holding some thing in you hands. Here he is hold tennis ball.
Extend the biceps
Once in full extension
Extend the wrist
Do a biceps curl
Flex the wrist


Copyright 2018 Dr Jeff Banas