Training Questions

Have a training question on how to use the Phoenix AC/DC Waveform? Email your questions to and Dr. Jeff will personally respond and then put up the response here to help other people get the most from the Phoenix AC/DC Waveform. 

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Q) I’m looking into treatments for diabetic neuropathy and came across the Phoenix. I’m curious if this product would help my condition that includes tingling, burning and cramping in both legs.  This is on top of painful Achilles.

A) I can not say for certain that it will “cure” your condition, but if you came into my office for treatment we would likely use the Phoenix on you. We have a patient right now that we are working with and he is doing very well.  
Here is what we are doing:
Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)  for about 10-15 min. He rides a bike for 10-15min while breathing in 100% O2, super saturating the blood with oxygen. The exercise and increase in heart rate pusses that saturated blood throughout the body. In your case, getting more to your nerves.
We then use the Phoenix AC/DC wave to stimulate the nervous system, contract the muscle and release any trigger points that may be in the area. The added muscle contraction further pushes the blood deeper to the nerves and the stimulation help with nerve regeneration.
We then switch to the ECO Stimulation program. (This is a non-DC current but in the same unit as the Phoenix AC/DC waveform) 
We then end with about 15 min of microcurrent (which is also in the same unit). You don’t feel mirocurrent but it works on a cellular level
You can make your our Exercise With Oxygen System here: I made mine for about $250
Q) When hunting say the shoulder, is it best to place the ground on the opposite hip?  Or something closer to the area, say the spine or other shoulders?  Is, the positive cord is what we use to hunt with correct?
A) It is OK to place the ground (POSITIVE – RED LEAD) on the same side you are hunting. The lower back or the lateral hip is a really good place for the ground (Positive – Red Lead). Then “HUNT” the area with the NEG or BLACK lead. However, some times the patient will feel a lot more sensation over the ground lead and not much over the Black “Hunting”. If this happens, just reverse the leads and hunt with RED (POS) lead and use the Black (NEG) as the ground. Remember, we run the current one way, then after 6-8 min, we reverse the leads anyway.